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Denmark picks Rheinmetall’s Skyranger for short range air defense

Denmark's defense procurement agency FMI has decided to base the new short-range air defense system for the Danish Army on the Skyranger...
New Danish air warning radar on Faroe Islands

Denmark investing in new air defense radar on Faroe Islands

Denmark is looking to boost its defense cooperation with the Faroe Islands, which would include the installation of an air warning radar...

Germany begins deliveries of Danish Piranha 3 APCs to Moldova

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova have taken delivery of the first batch of Piranha-3 H armored personnel carriers (APC)...

Denmark picks Spike LR 2 for new anti-tank missile capability

Denmark's defense procurement agency FMI has selected the Spike LR (long range) anti-tank guided missile system for its army units as a...

Denmark orders additional Eagle 4×4 vehicles from GDELS

The Danish Ministry of Defense has awarded a CHF 46 million (USD 52 million) contract to General Dynamics European Land Systems-Mowag (GDELS-Mowag)...

COVID-19 delays delivery of Danish Caesar 8×8 artillery systems to 2021

The delivery of the Caesar 8x8 155mm artillery systems to the Danish Army has been delayed by at least six months, the...

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