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COVID-19 delays delivery of Danish Caesar 8×8 artillery systems to 2021

Danish Army Caesar 8x8 Nexter
Photo: Screengrab

The delivery of the Caesar 8×8 155mm artillery systems to the Danish Army has been delayed by at least six months, the country’s defense procurement agency (FMI) has confirmed.

The first 15 systems Denmark ordered from French company Nexter had initially been scheduled for delivery by the summer of 2020. Nexter is now expected to complete the delivery of the first batch by the spring of 2021.

Only two systems were delivered to the Danish Artillery Regiment before the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic brought the production lines at Nexter and its subcontractors to a halt.

Making most of the situation, the defense procurement agency said a team of company representatives and specialists from the regiment identified several improvement points on the two test systems. Solutions for the issues are currently in development while the systems remain available to the regiment for further testing.

In addition to the initial 15 systems, Denmark ordered another four Caesar 8x8s in late 2019. These systems remain on track for delivery in 2023.

According to specifications, the 12.3-meter Caesar system is air transportable and fits into A400, IL76 or C17 military transport aircraft. Its 155mm caliber gun can fire rounds at a rate of 6 per minute to ranges of over 40 and over 50 kilometers, depending on whether it is an extended range full bore or a rocket-assisted projectile.

FMI added that the artillery regiment receive the first Piranha 5 armored personnel carriers with Elbit Systems’ CARDOM 10 120mm heavy mortar systems. All 15 of the systems on order are expected to be delivered by spring 2021.