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Russia’s Rubin unveils new “submersible patrol ship” design

Russian submersible patrol ship design
Photo: Rubin

Russian ship designer Rubin Design Bureau has unveiled a new design for a “submersible” patrol ship that is supposed to combine the benefits of a submarine and a patrol ship.

According to a company release, the project is intended for foreign customers and was named “Guard” (Border and Offshore Submersible Sentry, BOSS).

“The cost of patrol ships in the world market is relatively low, which makes them acceptable to small countries. Exploitation pays off by preventing poaching and other economic offenses. Ships of this type are multifunctional, can be used for security, as well as a rescue or research ship,” the company explained.

Going underwater gives the ship two advantages at once: the ability to conduct hidden surveillance of violators (and successfully intercept them) and escape from adverse weather conditions without interrupting patrols. A submerged ship can also be used as a classic submarine – for exploration and other tasks.

It can also serve as an inexpensive training tool for preparing crews for the operation of more conventional submarines.

According to its architecture and shape, the ship resembles submarines of Project 613 (Whiskey-class submarines), a mass-produced Soviet submarine exported to a number of foreign customers. They would also be similarly sized, with a displacement of about 1,000 tons, and a length of 60 to 70 meters depending on the equipment.

Crewed by up to 42 personnel, the ship can be equipped with torpedo weapons, small controlled missiles and small-caliber weapons, Rubin added. A photo of the design shared by the designer also showed an embarked RHIB for inspection groups.