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FN America gets $92M for M240 machine gun deliveries to US Army

M240 machine gun
Photo: FN America

The US Army awarded FN America a contract worth $92 million earlier this month for the delivery of M240 series machine gun variants and spare receivers.

The contract, awarded through 2026, is multi-faceted and will support both the US Army and other Department of Defense (DoD) programs.

“The US Army contract for the M240 machine gun was the first military contract FN was awarded and the first to be produced from our production facility in South Carolina,” noted Mark Cherpes, president and CEO for FN America, LLC. “We’re incredibly honored to continue our relationship with the Army, supporting them with high quality and reliable weapon systems for our servicemen and women.”

The M240 general purpose machine gun, derived from the FN MAG 58, was adopted by the US military in the late 1970s, and has been in continual service since being introduced. This contract provides a procurement vehicle for the US Army to purchase multiple variants of the M240 machine gun, including the M240 coaxial, the M240B, M240L, M240D and M240H models.

In addition to the M240 and its variants, FN currently holds US military contracts for the FN M249 lightweight machine gun; the FN MK 46, MK 48, MK 17, and MK 20 SSR for USSOCOM, and various other contracts.