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US Air Force picks GE to deliver engines for F-15EX fighter

First US Air Force F-15EX at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida March 11, 2021. Photo: US Air Force

The US Air Force has awarded GE a $1.58 billion contract to supply its F110 engines for the F-15EX Eagle II, the latest variant of the F-15 fighter.

With the contract announcement on October 29, the US Air Force chose the F110 over Pratt & Whitney’s F100-229. The deal provides for 29 F110 engines, including seven option lots for a most probable quantity of 329 total engines.

GE was also chosen to deliver engines for the first eight F-15EX.

This selection makes GE the sole propulsion provider for the US Air Force’s entire planned F-15EX fleet.

“We are honored to help the US Air Force open a new chapter by providing reliable F110 power for the F-15EX,” said Shawn Warren, GE’s vice president and general manager of combat and trainer engines. “The F110 production line is active today and ready to deliver on the US Air Force’s urgent and compelling requirement for an F-15EX propulsion system. We’re pleased with the engine’s performance on the two F-15EX test aircraft flying today, and we’re excited to bring that performance to the entire planned fleet.”

The F110-GE-129 engine is the only engine tested and integrated on the fly-by-wire F-15EX, GE said, adding that it began investing resources and made a long-term commitment to become qualified on the F-15 in 2014.

GE says it has delivered over 3,400 F110 engines to date. They power every new production F-15 ordered in the past decade, as well as nearly 70 percent of US Air Force F-16C/D aircraft.