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Belgium buys next-gen Caesar self-propelled howitzer from France

Caesar 6x6 NG
Photo: Belgian defense ministry

Belgium has joined France’s Caesar self-propelled howitzer upgrade program by placing an order for nine units.

Belgian and French defense ministers signed the contracts for the delivery of Caesar 6×6 NG (CAmion Equipé d’un Système d’ARtillerie de Nouvelle Génération) on May 13.

According to the Belgian defense ministry, the howitzers are scheduled for delivery by 2027. A total of 62 million euros are being invested by Belgium into the project.

By purchasing the next generation of the system, Belgium is taking advantage of France’s upgrade program for the howitzer, which will be getting crew protection and mobility upgrades. In February this year, Nexter received funds to add a level 2 mine and ballistic armored cabin, resistant to improvised explosive devices and small-caliber ammunition. Finally, the Mark II Caesar carries the latest version of fire control software, and the cab is prepared to accommodate new CONTACT radio equipment.

Caesars bought by Belgium will also feature the Thales Barage jammer.

The Caesar NG is a 6×6 equipped with a 155mm gun, capable of firing up to a distance of 40 km. According to manufacturer’s specifications, the system is air transportable and fits into A400, IL76 or C17 military transport aircraft. The system fires six rounds per minute and is operated by four or five soldiers.