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British Voyager in air-to-air refueling first with Qatari fighter jets

Voyager refueling a Qatari Rafale
Photo: Royal Air Force

Qatar Emiri Air Force Rafales have for the first time conducted air-to-air refueling sorties with a Royal Air Force Voyager tanker during a weeklong exercise in Qatar.

The Voyager from 83 Expeditionary Air Group refueled the Qatar Emiri Air Force Rafale Fighter Jets on exercise Galway in Qatar, marking the first time the RAF has conducted air-to-air refueling with the Qatar Emiri Air Force.

Exercises in Qatar follow the UK’s engagement in Oman, where Typhoon jets and a Voyager air-to-air refueler spent two weeks with their Omani counterparts on exercise Magic Carpet. That maneuver kicked off at the air exercise area in Dhofar Governorate, Oman, in early November.

Exercise Galway was an opportunity for the current operation Shader Voyager Detachment from 903 Expeditionary Air Wing to conduct Partner Nation Integration on discreet, agile activity. It further demonstrates the ability of 83 Expeditionary Air Group to operate across the Broader Middle East.

This air-to-air refueling exercise was the latest bilateral training activity involving the RAF and the Qatar Emiri Air Force. The Voyager deployment provided a valuable training opportunity for both Air Forces, enhancing their interoperability.

Exercise GALWAY was the latest demonstration that Qatar and the UK share mutual interests in ensuring stability in the Middle East. Joint operational training seeks to boost Qatar’s ability to tackle the shared security challenges which helps protect the prosperity and security of the UK at home and abroad.