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Turkey test-fires production variant of medium-range Hisar-O SAM

Missile launches from Turkish Hisar-O SAM
Photo: Turkish defense ministry

The Turkish defense ministry has completed a test launch of the Hisar-O medium range surface-to-air missile, several months after the system entered the mass production phase.

According to a social media statement from the defense ministry, the missile was tested at the Aksaray range on December 24, and hit its unmanned aerial target successfully. The launch was part of the missile’s inspection and acceptance trials.

Hisar-O is part of the larger Hisar family of systems, which includes short, medium and long-range systems, Hisar-A, Hisar-O and Hisar-U, which will have an intercept range 100 kilometers. The country is also working on the Siper SAM, which will have a range of 150 kilometers. That system is expected to complete development by 2023.

The Hisar-O that was tested on December 24 has an interception range of 25 kilometers. According to Aselsan, the system’s manufacturer, Hisar-O can track up to 60 targets simultaneously at ranges of up to 60 kilometers.

A complete system is composed of one battalion headquarters and three batteries, each of which comprises launchers, missiles, radars, command-control and communication systems and other support equipment.

Unlike the shorter-ranged Hisar-A, which is housed on an autonomous launcher vehicle, the Hisar-O missile launchers are carried on a Mercedes-Benz Zetros chassis.