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US Army receives milestone 10th EMARSS reconnaissance aircraft

US Army EMARSS aircraft
Photo: SNC

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) recently delivered the 10th fully integrated mission enhancement kit (MEK) aircraft to the US Army, adding enhanced capabilities to the Army’s Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System (EMARSS) fleet.

EMARSS provides a persistent airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability to detect, locate, classify, identify and track surface targets with a high degree of timeliness and accuracy during day, night and nearly all weather conditions. It enhances brigade combat team effectiveness by defining and assessing the communications environment and providing surveillance, targeting support and threat warning.

The Army has procured 16 kits to date and SNC expects to deliver two additional MEK integrated aircraft this year.

“We are very proud to continue this work in support of the Army and its mission,” said Tim Owings, executive vice president of SNC’s Mission Solutions and Technologies business area. “SNC’s mission enhancement kit is truly game-changing technology. It provides increased safety and enhanced performance and mission capabilities critical to aircraft operating in high-altitude areas.”

The King Air 350 MEK reduces aircraft weight, increases engine performance and significantly reduces the overall sound signature to enhance its stealth capabilities. SNC modifies the aircraft to increase time aloft and allow for increased operating weight without greater take-off risk. It also enables operations on shorter runways, making the aircraft more suitable for a wider variety of operational environments.