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US Army receives additional multi-spectral tracking systems

Photo: US Army

The US Army has taken delivery of a new batch of Compact Multi-Spectral Tracking System, or CMSTS, units from Boeing.

The portable, acquisition, tracking and pointing, or ATP, system supports the Army’s integrated fires capabilities against threats ranging from rockets, artillery and mortars to unmanned aerial systems and cruise missiles.

“CMSTS is an advanced, multi-spectral ATP solution used to identify and score a variety of fast-moving and dynamic targets,” said Laser & Electro-Optical System program manager, Kurt Sorenson. “The data it captures is used to evaluate the accuracy and performance of defensive air and missile defense capabilities.”

The system has flexible configurations, and can be controlled by an individual operator on the move, from other CMSTS units, via a remote location, or through a command and control, or C2, network. Its design allows for numerous integration options, including fitting into the bed of a standard pickup truck.

“As threats continue to evolve and proliferate, it’s important that we give our service members every advantage and to safely and successfully carry out their mission,” said Kristin Hilbert, business development lead for Boeing’s Laser & Electro-Optical Systems. “This system is an essential piece of the puzzle to give soldiers a decisive, real-time advantage on the multi-domain battlefield.”