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NATO deploys ground air ground communications module to Romania

DACC GAG deployment
Photo: NATO

NATO’s deployable air command and control center (DACCC) in Italy has deployed one of its ground air ground (GAG) communications modules to Campia Turzii, Romania, to better support allied air operations there.

Deployed on April 15, the module is expected to enhance the alliance’s defensive posture in the east. The GAG radio equipment enhances the recognized air picture, and will be overseen by Allied Air Command in Ramstein, Germany.

The DACCC provides NATO’s Allied Air Command a capability for deployable surveillance and control of alliance air operations. Its mission is to prepare elements for worldwide operational deployment.

“The security environment in Europe has changed dramatically”, Major General D. J. Traas, DACCC commander said during an address to his troops as they prepared to deploy with the convoy “Our first priority is to contribute to NATO’s effort to draw on a robust and capable military posture to deter from an attack on the Alliance and be prepared to defend when deterrence fails”, he added.

“We have been able to deploy the GAG module already in the past, demonstrating we are fully committed and ready to do whatever is required to operate effectively with other NATO and Partner Nations demonstrating military capability and cohesion of the Alliance”, he added.

The GAG has been deployed twice a year participating in several editions of the deployment exercise Ramstein Dust, whilst providing the opportunity for the DACCC to validate the GAG module’s remote capabilities using NATO’s air command and control system as a shared platform to plan and execute air operations.