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Sweden procuring another 100 special operations snowmobiles

Swedish special operation snowmobiles BRP
Photo: Swedish defense ministry

The Swedish defense ministry has exercised an option for the purchase of an additional 100 snowmobiles for the country’s special operations units.

The contract was announced this month, after the first 100 units were delivered to the Norrland Dragoon Regiment, also known as K 4, and the Karlsborg-based 323rd Parachute Ranger Squadron in November last year.

The additional 100 specially adapted snowmobiles are set to be delivered by BRP Finland Oy before the winter season of 2022.

Just like the first batch of vehicles, the second one will consist of two different models.

One will be based on the 600cc Lynx BoonDocker Army 4100 850 E-TEC, which offers high mobility in alpine environments, and the other is based on the more powerful Lynx 69 Ranger Army 900 ACE, which will be used as a work snowmobile.

The original contract from September 2020 includes options for Sweden’s purchase of 100 more snowmobiles, which would bring the total fleet to 300 vehicles.