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Sweden replacing old C-130Hs with Italian C-130J airlifters

Swedish Air Force C-130
Swedish defense ministry file photo of a C-130

The Swedish defense ministry has decided not to upgrade its ageing C-130H airlifter, opting instead for the purchase of newer Italian C-130J transport aircraft.

This was revealed by the defense ministry in the latest budget document update.

As detailed, the replacement is planned to be a gradual one, and would see Sweden initially buy four airframes from Italy. Two of the aircraft are set to arrive in Sweden in 2023 and would be upgraded at a later point in time.

This was confirmed by Swedish Air Force Commander, Major General Carl-Johan Edström, who told Airforces Monthly that he hoped that two more airlifters could be bought from Italy, with the aim of completely replacing the six C-130H currently in service.

Also referred as TP 84 in Swedish Air Force service, the Hercules has been in service since the 1960s, and is one of the oldest Hercules fleets in Europe. All of the six TP 84s are stationed at the Skaraborg Wing near Lidköping, which serves as a hub for Sweden’s military transport aircraft and specialist aircraft.

The aircraft that Italy would transfer to Sweden are expected to come from the 46ª Brigata Aerea Silvio Angelucci at Pisa/San Giusto.