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US Army awards Oshkosh Defense $216M for additional JLTVs

US Army file photo of a JLTV convoy

The US Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal has awarded Oshkosh Defense a $216 million order for an additional 513 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs) and 1,152 trailers (JLTV-T).

The contract includes orders for the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US Navy, and the Armed Forces of Montenegro, Brazil, and Lithuania.

The contract comes just a month before the follow-on contract proposals are due. The US Army is recompeting the JLTV program and plans to issue a follow-on production contract in September 2022. Valued at $6.5 billion, the contract will include an additional 15,468 vehicles and five order years followed by five options years, extending production through FY32.

“Seven years ago, we assembled a world-class team of experts in engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management, and operations, and delivered a winning JLTV solution to the US military,” said George Mansfield, vice president and general manager of Joint Programs for Oshkosh Defense.

“Today, we have an experienced workforce, a refined manufacturing process, and a mature, robust supply chain. No one else can say that. We are committed to delivering the best protected mobility vehicle for years to come.”

To date, Oshkosh Defense has also built almost 17,000 vehicles and delivered them to over 50 locations worldwide.

JLTVs are air-transportable (CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters; C-130, C-5, C-17 and A400 Cargo fixed-wing aircraft) and can be delivered in a multitude of versions ranging from general purpose to heavy guns carrier. The vehicles come with integrated C4ISR capabilities and have a payload of 2,313 kg in the two-door configuration, and 1,587 kg in four-door configuration.

The JLTV-Trailer is a multipurpose platform configured to support general purpose cargo and tactical generator mobility missions. The trailer is built to operate with the closed combat weapons carrier, the general purpose, heavy guns carrier and utility JLTV variants over the same mission profile of those vehicles.