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Dutch pledge to supply missiles for Ukrainian air defense systems

Dutch NASAMS 2
Illustration: Dutch defense ministry photo of a NASAMS launch

The Dutch defense ministry announced on Wednesday it would supply missiles that will strengthen Ukraine’s air defense systems.

The defense ministry did not identify the missiles it will be sending to Ukraine, or which system they will be launched from, saying only they would be fired from a system already supplied to Ukraine by one of the allies.

The missile donation is worth 15 million euros, the defense ministry said, adding that they are being sent in light of Russia’s recent attacks against civilian infrastructure and non-military targets in Ukraine.

“These attacks reinforce the [Dutch] government’s belief that they can only be answered with unwavering support for Ukraine and its people. I also emphasized in direct consultation with the Ukrainian Minister of Defense that the Netherlands, like our partners, will not be intimidated by Russia and will continue to support Ukraine,” Dutch defense minister Kajsa Ollongren commented.

It is possible that the missiles in question are the AIM-120B AMRAAM (advanced medium range air to air missile) currently in service with the Dutch armed forces as part of the NASAMS-2 (Norwegian advanced surface to air missile system II).

Ukraine could employ these missiles with the NASAMS that were delivered by the United States last month.

It is worth noting that the Dutch defense ministry plans to retire the NASAMS 2 and the AMRAAMs between 2023 and 2025, and is already in the process of finding a successor system for its medium range air defense needs.

Prior to the missile donation, the Netherlands supported Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion by sending Panzerfaust-3 anti-tank weapons and PzH2000 self-propelled armored howitzers.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte reiterated last month that Netherlands would boost its military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine in addition to backing new sanctions against Russia.