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BAE Systems unveils team for US Army’s OMFV program

BE Systems OMFV design
Photo: BAE Systems

BAE Systems has teamed up with Elbit Systems of America, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, and QinetiQ Limited to pitch its design for the US Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program.

The company said it submitted its proposal to the US Army earlier this month after the US Army released a formal request for proposal for the OMFV detailed design and prototype build and test phases.

A total of five competitors are vying for the contract, and BAE Systems is pitted against teams led by Point Blank Enterprises, Oshkosh Defense, General Dynamics Land Systems, and American Rheinmetall Vehicles.

The solution offered in the BAE Systems proposal would feature the 50mm Unmanned Turret (UT50) from Elbit Systems of America, which recently completed a successful live fire demonstration at the Aberdeen Test Center. The UT50 features a XM913 50mm cannon and a high-capacity ammunition handling system.

The OMFV design will use a standardized, modular open systems architecture (MOSA), designed by BAE Systems and Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. MOSA solutions are critical for enabling the customer to rapidly refresh technology to field new capabilities and meet emerging threats on the battlefield. The two companies are also providing vital electronics and control systems into the OMFV.

When it comes to the drivetrain, BAE Systems and QinetiQ Limited are developing and integrating the Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) technology with an electric cross-drive transmission, a key component of an HED system for tracked combat vehicles. QinetiQ Limited’s Modular E-X-Drive® transmission has been tested and proven in a wide range of tracked vehicles and weight classes over the last decade.

“The synergy from our diverse and highly capable team allows us to deliver the next-generation, transformational technology and capabilities our customer is looking for,” said Andy Corea, vice president and general manager for BAE Systems Combat Mission Systems. “Together we have continually researched, developed, innovated, and delivered and we believe this team can provide a purpose-built vehicle with the winning solutions for future battlefields and, most importantly, for the men and women who put their lives on the line for us each and every day.”

The OMFV program is a key element of the US Army’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle modernization effort that includes replacing the M-2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle which has seen service since the early 1980s. OMFV is envisioned to operate with or without a crew and soldiers under armor based on the commander’s decision, while also controlling maneuver robotics and semi-autonomous systems.

The US Army intends to hold a limited competition leading to the down-select to one vendor at Milestone C for Low Rate Initial Production near the end of fiscal year 2027, with first unit equipped in fiscal year 2029.