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US forces capture ISIS official in successful helicopter raid

SOF helicopter raid
Illustration: US Navy file photo

US Central Command forces and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured an ISIS official in a helicopter raid in the early morning of February 18.

The raid was carried out in eastern Syria, and resulted in the capture of Batar, an ISIS Syria Province Official involved in planning attacks on SDF-guarded detention centers and manufacturing improvised explosive devices.

The raid on Sunday was arguably more successful than the one conducted earlier this week, in which a senior ISIS leader was killed and four US servicemembers and one working dog wounded.

The US Central Command said extensive planning went into the operation on Saturday to ensure its successful execution. No civilians and no SDF or US forces were killed or injured.

Several hours after the raid, two rockets landed near coalition forces at Green Village. No US or coalition troops were killed or wounded and there
was no damage to infrastructure or equipment.

It is yet unclear who might be behind this attack, with no claims of responsibility yet.