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US forces capture ISIS official in successful helicopter raid

US Central Command forces and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured an ISIS official in a helicopter raid in the early morning of...

Four US operatives wounded in raid that killed senior ISIS leader

The US armed forces carried out a helicopter raid in northeastern Syria that killed a senior ISIS leader and wounded four US...

US kills ISIS leader in northwest Syria

US Special Operations forces killed the leader of ISIS, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, in a military operation in northwest Syria.
RAF Typhoon

British Typhoon records first-ever combat kill against “hostile” drone over Syria

A Royal Air Force Typhoon has shot down a small hostile drone in Syria in an event that marked the first operational...
RAF Reaper

UK Reaper strike takes out Daesh terrorist in Syria

A Royal Air Force remotely piloted Reaper aircraft carried out an airstrike on October 25, eliminating a Daesh terrorist in northern Syria,...
F-15C Eagle missile firing

US F-15 fighter shoots down UAV over Syria, report

A US Air Force F-15E fighter has reportedly shot down a yet unidentified unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) in the vicinity of the...
F-15E Strike Eagles

US strikes Iran-backed positions in Syria after series of rocket attacks

The US Air Force carried out air strikes against infrastructure used by Iranian-backed militant groups in eastern Syria in the morning hours...

US strikes Kata’ib Hizbollah sites in Iraq, Syria in response to...

A Kata'ib Hizbollah (KH) attack on December 27 killed a US contractor and injured several service members.

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