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US Army’s Poland-based V Corps kicks off European HIMARS initiative

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Photo: US Army

The US Army’s V Corps is working with NATO allies and other US stakeholders to develop a multi-faceted approach to build alliance lethality and interoperability centered on rocket artillery that will be known as the European High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Initiative, or EHI.

The EHI aims to bring together field artillery experts from nations that have procured HIMARS or have expressed interest in procuring the system.

It consists of an initial senior leader summit, which is designed to educate key leaders on HIMARS capabilities and how to effectively man, train, sustain and fight with the weapon system.

Following the senior leader summit, there will be a series of leader engagements to increase knowledge on the operations and sustainment of HIMARS and associated systems; an apprenticeship program where foreign soldiers embed with similar US units; and when the US government is prepared to deliver HIMARS to a specific country, new equipment training (NET) as part of the fielding package.

While the summit and subsequent engagements are intended to take place across several central and eastern European countries, it is up to the nation receiving the equipment to determine where they will conduct the fielding.

Other US organizations involved include the 41st Field Artillery Brigade, 4th Security Forces Assistance Brigade, 56th Artillery Command, US Army Europe and Africa, and Division Artillery from the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and 4th Infantry Division, along with supporting efforts from the US Army Field Artillery School, and Program Executive Office – Missiles and Space.

“HIMARS allow NATO allies and partners to rapidly mass fire from a distance, creating decision space, flexibility, and operational momentum to locations that would otherwise be difficult to achieve,” said Lt. Gen. John S. Kolasheski, V Corps commanding general. “This gives us an operational advantage over an adversary and is critical during large scale ground combat.”

According to the US Army, EHI is expected to kick off this spring.

As America’s forward deployed corps, V Corps works alongside NATO allies, providing command and control for rotational and assigned units in the European theater while building local community relationships.