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Third batch of JLTVs brings Lithuania’s vehicle count to 150

Photo: Lithuanian defense ministry

Lithuania has taken delivery of the third batch of 50 Oshkosh Defense built Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV), which were delivered to the Lithuanian Armed Forces last week.

The recent delivery has been made in accordance with the 2019 agreement between the Ministry of National Defence and the Government of the United States for the procurement of 200 JLTVs.

With the inclusion of the 50 extra JLTVs, the Lithuanian Armed Forces will have a fleet of 150 vehicles, and the remaining 50 units are expected to be delivered by the end of this year, completing a total of 200 units.

In the upcoming year, the implementation of the second contract, which was signed in 2022, for the acquisition of 300 additional vehicles from Oshkosh Defense will commence.

Upon the completion of the sencond contract in 2025, the Lithuanian Armed Forces will have a combined fleet of 500 JLTVs in operation.

The initial batch of JLTVs was handed over to the Lithuanian Army in August 2021, followed by the delivery of the second batch in December last year. These vehicles are currently in active service with the Lithuanian Army.

JLTVs are air-transportable (CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters; C-130, C-5, C-17, and A400 Cargo fixed-wing aircraft) and can be delivered in a multitude of versions ranging from general purpose to heavy guns carriers. The vehicles come with integrated C4ISR capabilities and have a payload of 2,313 kg in the two-door configuration, and 1,587 kg in four-door configuration.