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Typhoon AESA upgrade

Leonardo gets €260M for German, Spanish Eurofighter AESA radar upgrade work

Italian defense technology company Leonardo has received contracts worth 269 million euros for work on the delivery of new e-scan radars for...
CF-188 Hornet

Canada upgrading Hornets with AESA radars

The Royal Canadian Air Force is investing into radar upgrades for its C/F-18A Hornet fighter aircraft under a contract with Raytheon.
Arrays at Commercial Timescales Integration and Validation (ACT-IV) digital AESA system

DARPA receives multifunction ACT-IV phased array sensor system

The novel multifunction AESA system will now transition to AFRL to enable continued exploration of digital, multifunctional RF technologies.
APG-79(V)4 on a US Marine Corps Hornet fighter

Raytheon delivers first APG-79(V)4 AESA radar for legacy USMC Hornets

The US Marine Corps' is buying new AESA radars for its F/A-18 Hornet to allow the aircraft to remain in service until 2030.

Thales unveils new compact AESA radar for helicopters, UAVs

AirMaster C features a 2D AESA antenna based on silicon-germanium technology
F-16 with AESA Radar

New AESA radar for US Air Force F-16s achieves full operational...

The US Air Force has declared full operational capability (FOC) readiness for the AN/APG-83 SABR active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar on...
Eurofighter Typhoon AESA

UK awards £317m for AESA radar development for Typhoon fleet

The new ECRS Mk2 radar will replace the mechanically-scanning radar that RAF Typhoons are currently equipped with.
AESA radar for South Korea KF-X fighter

South Korea unveils new AESA radar for future KF-X fighter

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), the main contractor on the KF-X program, will be responsible for the radar integration work.
Gripen D fighter with X-band AESA radar

Saab starts AESA X-band fighter radar trials

The host aircraft during the air trial was a Gripen D fighter aircraft
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