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B-52H Stratofortress in Qatar

More B-52 bombers arrive in Middle East to support Afghanistan drawdown

The withdrawal from Afghanistan is in full swing and the US armed forces have already retrograded 60 C-17 loads worth of material out of the coountry.

NATO follows US in announcing withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan

In together, out together: US and NATO announce withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan starting May 1, months before 20th 9/11 anniversary.
E-11A BACN plane

Engine failure, crew error led to fatal USAF E-11A crash over...

An engine failure compounded by a subsequent error by the crew led to the fatal crash of a US Air Force (USAF)...
German Heron 1 UAS in Afghanistan

Germany loses Heron 1 UAS over Afghanistan

A German armed forces Heron unmanned aerial system (UAS) crashed east of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, in the early morning hours of November 16.
Afghan Air Force Super Tucano

Afghan Air Force receives four A-29 Super Tucanos from the US

The Afghanistan defense ministry announced on September 17 that the country's air force received an additional four A-29 Super Tucano aircraft from...

US-Taliban peace deal could see all troops leave Afghanistan in 14...

If the Taliban uphold the agreement, the United States and other members of the coalition said they would begin a conditions-based reduction in forces.
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