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AFRL Bandit Fury drone engine trial

US Air Force’s new adversary drone fighter completes engine trial

Blue Force Technologies (BFT), a start up developing the US Air Force's new unmanned adversary air aircraft, announced it has successfully completed...
US Air Force Quicksink ship-killer bomb demonstration

US Air Force’s Quicksink anti-ship bomb sinks vessel in new test

Quicksink promises to develop a low-cost method of achieving torpedo-like seaworthy kills from the air.
HAWC concept

DARPA confirms successful test of Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept missile

After first reports of a secretly-held hypersonic missile test emerged earlier today, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) confirmed it...
BOLT II sounding rocket launch

US Air Force launches Bolt II sounding rocket for hypersonic research

The US Air Force Research Laboratory and Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFRL/AFOSR) have launched a new sounding rocket to collect...
Blue Force Technologies Bandit UAV

US Air Force taps start up to develop new adversary air...

Blue Force Technologies will build up to four unmanned air vehicles that will support adversary air (ADAIR) training missions.
Mjölnir counter-UAV system

US Air Force awards contract for Mjölnir drone destroyer prototype

The US Air Force expects to receive the first prototype of the high power microwave (HPM) weapon system in 2023.
AFRL Cislunar Highway Patrol System

US Air Force awards record $1B contract to Space Dynamics Laboratory

The US Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded its largest-ever contract for space-related technology development and mission support. Worth...
MC-130J Commando II Amphibious Capability (MAC)

AFSOC shares its vision of the amphibious C-130J seaplane

The US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) is turning to the versatile C-130J to enhance its runway independence by allowing the...
India US air-launched UAV project

India, US sign agreement for joint UAV development

The UAV development project is valued at more than $22 million and marks the largest-ever defense R&D collaboration between the US and India.
Dialable Effects Munition demonstration

Experimental US Air Force program could provide alternative to cluster munitions

DEM will allow pilots to program a bomb for different missions prior to release and could possibly provide an alternative to cluster munitions.

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