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THOR counter-UAV system illustration

After Thor, the US Air Force wants a Mjolnir prototype to...

The Mjolnir will use the same technology as THOR to counter counter the ever increasing threat of adversarial drone activity.
THOR counter UAS system

Here’s how US Air Force’s THOR destroys drone swarms, in theory

The US Air Force developed the THOR directed energy weapon system to counter the increasing threat posed by enemy drones and other airborne threats.
Rocket Cargo Vanguard

Logistics via rockets becomes US Air Force’s fourth Vanguard program

Rocket Cargo will explore the possibilities of leveraging new commercial rocket capabilities for the Pentagon's logistics missions.
Laser pointed at an aircraft cockpit from the ground

US Air Force develops solution for nagging problem of laser pointers

Despite the threat of five years in jail for offenders, the incidents of “joy lasing” are up 20 percent over last year, with 6,852 reported in 2020.
XCub and the US Air Force

This small plane will help the US Air Force boost personnel...

The US Air Force has recently purchased a small CubCrafters XCub aircraft that is poised to make a big impact on military...

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