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UK commandos get new Arctic training hub

Camp Viking has been purpose-built to house all personnel from the UK's Littoral Response Group and will enable the UK to respond quickly to threats in the region and protect NATO's northern flank and Norway.

Norway boosting maritime surveillance capability in the High North

Norway is working on fielding a new satellite-based maritime surveillance system that will enable it to better keep track of activities in...

US keeping close eye on Russian activity in Arctic, Pentagon says

The US Defense Department has commented the latest news reports on significant Russian military activities and infrastructure build-ups in the Arctic, saying...

Watch 3 Russian ballistic missile subs simultaneously surface in the Arctic

Three Russian Navy nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines broke through ice up to 1,5 meters thick to surface simultaneously near the North Pole...
B-2 Bomber

US B-1, B-2s meet up for bomber task force mission in...

B-2 bombers from Whiteman Air Force Base teamed up with Norway-based B-1s for the bomber task force mission in the Arctic.

US, Norwegian, Royal Navy enter Barents Sea for Arctic operations

Ships from Norway, the US and UK entered the Barents Sea on September 7 where they will carry out maritime security operations...

US Air Force unveils new Arctic strategy

Within the US military, the Air Force has the largest presence in the Arctic region, with assets in both Alaska and Greenland

US, Royal Navy ships cross Arctic Circle for joint training

US Navy ships from the Europe-based US 6th Fleet (C6F) carried out a bilateral naval anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise with the Royal...

Russian airborne troops test new parachute gear jumping from 10,000m altitude

The airborne troops jumped from an altitude of 10,000 meters on the Francis Joseph's Land archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

US Navy’s 2nd Fleet achieves full operational capability

C2F had been disestablished in 2011 but was resurrected in August 2018 to address Russia in the Arctic and North Atlantic.

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