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Rheinmetall rolls out new variant of the Fuchs armored vehicle

German defense vehicle specialist Rheinmetall has developed a new version of the Fuchs/Fox wheeled armored transport vehicle. The...

Israel picks IAI as prime contractor for Carmel smart armored vehicle...

The Carmel AFV promises to introduce a significant upgrade in the field of AFV development, thanks to the integration of AI and autonomous systems.

Austria orders additional 30 Pandur Evolution 6×6 vehicles from GDELS

The Austrian defense ministry has awarded General Dynamics European Land Systems-Steyr a 106 million Euro contract for the delivery of an additional...

Qatar signs for Turkish armored vehicles

The Qatar Armed Forces announced they have entered into an agreement with Barzan Holdings, its strategic investment arm, for the procurement of...

Serbia unveils M-20 MRAP 6×6 armored vehicle

The prototype vehicle features ballistic and IED protection and comes equipped with a 12,7 mm turret.

Ukraine takes delivery of additional BTR-4 armored personnel carriers

The Ukrainian armed forces have taken delivery of another batch of BTR-4 wheeled armored personnel carriers from the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building...

Turkish Army takes delivery of first serially-built Kaplan armored vehicles

All 260 units under the program are to be delivered by 2021.

France orders first Griffons in mounted mortar configuration

The rear compartment of the vehicle will be modified to accommodate the weapon system, mortar operators and the mortar rounds needed on the mission.

Construction of Piranha 5 wheeled armored vehicle begins in Romania

Construction of the first Piranha 5 wheeled armored vehicle for the Romanian Army kicked off with an official ceremony earlier this month.

UK returns to Boxer armored vehicle program with 500 unit buy

The UK defense ministry has signed off on a £2.8 billion (approx. $3.6b) deal for the acquisition of around 500 new Boxer...

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