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Chinese J-11 fighter in unsafe intercept of US RC-135 plane over...

A Chinese (PLA) Navy J-11 fighter carried out an unsafe intercept of a US RC-135 aircraft over the South China Sea, the...

US sails cruiser duo through Taiwan Strait after China tensions

The US Navy has sailed two Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruisers through the Taiwan Strait in the first such action since China held massive...

China’s third aircraft carrier ‘Type 003’ launches in Shanghai

The Chinese Navy's newest aircraft carrier was launched at the Jiangnan shipyard in Shanghai on June 17 after weeks of preparations and...

Chinese destroyer lases Australian Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft

A Chinese People’s Liberation Army – Navy (PLA-N) vessel hit an Australian P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft with a military-grade laser on...

China commissions ballistic missile sub, destroyer and LHD in single day

China commissioned a landing helicopter dock, a Renhai-class destroyer, and a Type 094 ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) on April 23.

China sails aircraft carrier Liaoning through Japan’s Miyako Strait

A total of six Chinese Navy ships, led by aircraft carrier Liaoning, made the transit through the 250 km-wide waterway on Saturday.

China launches three 40,000-ton Type 075 LHDs in 17 months

China is continuing with its blistering shipbuilding speed with the launch of a third Type 075 landing helicopter dock for the Chinese...

Chinese destroyer lases US maritime patrol plane over Philippine Sea

The destroyer lased the Poseidon approximately 380 miles west of Guam, in the Philippine Sea.

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