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UK MoD orders more unmanned ground vehicles from Germany’s Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall will deliver four more Mission Master UGVs to the UK for the second phase of testing of the robotic platoon vehicle (RPV) program.
Many drones make light work competition

Many drones make light work competition wraps up in the UK

An exercise dubbed "many drones make light work" concluded earlier this month in the UK and saw a swarm of 20 drones...

General Dynamics to deliver unmanned ground vehicles to British Army

General Dynamics Land Systems–UK has become the latest company to announce the delivery of unmanned ground vehicles to the British Army.

Rheinmetall’s Mission Master joins UK’s unmanned ground vehicle testing campaign

The UK defense ministry has awarded Rheinmetall a contract for the delivery of four Mission Master robotic vehicles to be tested as...

PHASA-35 solar-electric aircraft in maiden flight in Australia

Designed to operate unmanned in the stratosphere, PHASA-35 plugs the gap between aircraft and satellite technology.

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