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US Navy contracts Northrop for E-6B Mercury upgrades

The E-6B Mercury provides survivable, endurable, reliable airborne command, control, and communications for the nuclear triad.
former Royal Air Force E-3D

US Navy buys British AWACS for use as Doomsday aircraft trainer

The former Royal Air Force AWACS is expected to be fielded as an E-6B trainer by October 2023, once modification works are completed.

Collins Aerospace completes upgrade of US Navy E-6B fleet

Collins Aerospace Systems announced it has successfully completed the modernization of the E-6B Block I aircraft fleet, part of the Navy’s Airborne...
Minuteman III launch

US conducts Minuteman III ICBM launch from navy aircraft

The ICBM was launched from aboard the Airborne Launch Control System (ALCS) aircraft.

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