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F-16 USAF Angry Kitten pod assessment

US Air Force’s Angry Kitten EW combat pod demos rapid reprograming...

Upgrading US Air Force EW/electromagnetic systems could become as easy as installing a new app on the phone, Angry Kitten trials show.

Dutch Army renewing electronic warfare capability

The Dutch defense ministry has announced plans for the procurement of new electronic warfare (EW) systems for the Dutch Army.

US Air Force F-16s getting IVEWS electronic warfare suites as part...

The US Air Force took another step in the effort to modernize the electronic warfare (EW) capabilities of the F-16 fleet advancing...

Israel’s IAI unveils new AESA-based electronic warfare family of systems

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled the new Scorpius family of electronic warfare (EW) systems, touting it as the first EW system...

UK investing £100M in electronic warfare upgrades for Royal Navy fleet

The first phase of a £500M Maritime Electronics Warfare Program will deliver EW upgrades for frigates and destroyers, as well as the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.
Angry Kitten EW pod

US Air Force’s Angry Kitten EW pod gets anechoic chamber treatment

The US Air Force is using the benefield anechoic facility (BAF) at Edwards AFB, California, to test the Angry Kitten electronic countermeasures...
G550 with a Compass Call electronic warfare suite

US Air Force’s new Compass Call electronic warfare plane flies for...

The Compass Call EW system is being integrated on the Gulfstream G550 for increased speed, endurance and extended stand-off range.
Australia space electronic warfare

Australia launches project to boost space electronic warfare capability

Project 9358 will evaluate an acquisition of an electronic warfare capability that would detect and deter attacks on Australia's space assets.

US Marine Corps flies Intrepid Tiger II EW pod on Osprey...

The Intrepid Tiger II (V)4 is the latest variant of an electronic warfare pod flown on a range of US Marine Corps aircraft.

L3Harris to deliver electronic warfare system for Lockheed ‘s Block 70/72...

Dubbed Viper Shield by L3Harris, the EW system is designed to provide digital radar threat warning and digital countermeasure capabilities for F-16 fighters.

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