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Israeli Navy orders its first Shaldag Mk V patrol boats

The Israeli Navy has ordered four new Shaldag Mk V patrol boats from Israel Shipyards in its first domestic purchase of ships from a local yard in 15 years.

Israel Shipyards to deliver Shaldag Mk V patrol boats to the...

While not confirmed, the Philippine Navy is believed to be the buyer of up to 8 Shaldag Mk V boats as part of its FAIC-M requirement.

Israel Shipyards lands order for two OPV 45 vessels from unnamed...

Israel Shipyards says will be delivering the newly-developed OPV 45 design, which it touts as cost-effective vessels for a range of tasks.

Honduras welcomes Israel-built offshore patrol vessel

The OPV-62 offshore patrol vessel that was built by Israel Shipyards arrived in Honduras after a month at sea.

Israel orders floating dock for upkeep of new corvettes, submarines

Israel’s defense ministry and the department of navy have ordered a floating dock to be built by Israel Shipyards.

Israel awards contract for design of new Reshef-class ships

Israel's defense ministry and the department of navy have awarded Israel Shipyards a contract for the development of a new class of...

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