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Australia, Japan sending fighters to Guam for US-led drill Cope North

Cope North 2022 will be the first large-scale exercise undertaken by Japan and Australia since the signing of a defense agreement in January 2022.
JASDF F-15J takeoff

Japan contracts Boeing for F-15 Super Interceptor upgrade

The contract indicates Japan is moving forward with the program to upgrade 98 F-15Js to the Super Interceptor standard.
JASDF KC-46 Pegasus

Japan takes delivery of first KC-46A tanker from Boeing

The Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) has taken delivery of its first KC-46A tanker from Boeing. The delivery on...
KC-46 refueling operations

Japan’s first KC-46 flies maiden refueling test

The first KC-46A tanker Boeing built for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) recently refueled another KC-46A aircraft in the skies over...
COPE North 20

US hosts Australia, Japan in Guam for exercise Cope North 2021

The exercise will feature 95 aircraft and 2,200 personnel from the three participating nations.

US B-1B bomber flies Indo-Pacific mission with Japanese F-2s, F-15s

A US Air Force B-1B Lancer launching from Andersen Air Force Base conducted a bilateral mission with Japan and a joint mission...
Bomber Task Force mission over Japan

US, Japan stage snap bomber-fighter drill over Pacific

A B-1 teamed up with six USAF F-16 Fighting Falcons, seven JASDF F-2s and eight JASDF F-15s over Draughon Range near Misawa.

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