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South Korea begins work on new Blue Shark torpedo with LIG...

South Korea's defense procurement agency DAPA has signed an official contract with LIG Nex1 to lead the development of the next-generation variant...
ROK Air Force PAR radar AESA fielded

Republic of Korea Air Force fields new precision approach radar

The Republic of Korea Air Force has started fielding locally-developed precision approach radars with AESA technology.

UAE buying Korean surface to air missile systems in deal worth...

The United Arab Emirates is planning to purchase South Korean M-SAM surface-to-air missile systems in a deal that could be worth up...
G550-based ISTAR

Northrop teams with LIG Nex1, Huneed for South Korea’s ISTAR program

Northrop Grumman says it has signed cooperative agreements with South Korean defense majors LIG Nex1 and Huneed for the development of its...

South Korea’s Bigung guided rocket system passes Pentagon’s foreign arms test

Coupled with a 6x6 KM250 military truck, the system carries up to 36 rockets, each with a 4kg warhead and a range of 8km.

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