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Japan commissions third Mogami-class frigate in 10 months

The Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) has commissioned its third Mogami-class frigate JS Noshiro at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries's Nagasaki Shipyard.
Japan, UK, Italy next-generation fighter announcement

Japan, UK, Italy merge fighter projects into Global Combat Air Program

Merging the Tempest effort in the UK and the F-X fighter program in Japan, GCAP will aim to develop a next-generation fighter aircraft by 2035.

Japan launches third Taigei-class submarine Jingei

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries launched the third Taigei-class submarine for the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) at its Kobe yard on October...

Japan launches fifth Mogami-class frigate Yahagi

Japan has launched the fifth Mogami-class frigate JS Yahagi in a naming and launching at the Nagasaki Works shipyard of Mitsubishi Heavy...

Japan commissions lead FFM frigate JS Mogami

While being the lead ship of the Mogami-class of frigates, JS Mogami is actually the second in its class to enter service.

Japan commissions first Mogami-class frigate JS Kumano

The Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) held a commissioning ceremony for its first Mogami-class multi-mission frigate in Okayama on March 22.

Japan commissions lead Taigei-class submarine with Li-ion batteries

The Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) commissioned its first Taigei-class submarine in a ceremony at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Kobe shipyard on...
JASDF F-15J takeoff

Japan contracts Boeing for F-15 Super Interceptor upgrade

The contract indicates Japan is moving forward with the program to upgrade 98 F-15Js to the Super Interceptor standard.
Tempest FCAS

Japan, UK reach deal on development of future fighter engine demonstrator

After months of talks, the United Kingdom and Japan have reached an agreement for the collaboration on a future fighter aircraft engine...

Japan launches fourth Mogami-class frigate Mikuma

Japan's 5,000-ton FFM frigates are envisioned as frigate-sized vessels with destroyer capabilities.

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