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MQ-9 Reaper UAS

Netherlands arming its Reaper drones

The Netherlands plans to arm its MQ-9A Reaper UAVs, after originally acquiring them solely as unarmed intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets.
Dutch Chinook Model D

Dutch Air Force sells 6 retired Chinooks to private operator in...

The defense ministry has also explained why the old Chinooks are not suitable for transfer to Ukraine.
First Dutch F-35A QRA scramble from Poland

Dutch F-35s intercept Russian fighters in first QRA scramble

A Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35A fighter duo intercepted a group of Russian aircraft in their first quick reaction alert (QRA) scramble...
Dutch upgraded Chinook

Dutch Air Force receives final modernized CH-47F Chinook from Boeing

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) has taken delivery of the 20th and final CH-47F Chinook transport helicopter from Boeing.
First Dutch v6 Apache

Royal Netherlands Air Force receives first upgraded v6 Apache from Boeing

The Royal Netherlands Air Force has officially taken delivery of its first AH-64D Apache that has been upgraded to the AH-64E Version...
Royal Netherlands Air Force G650 VIP transport

Dutch Air Force buys used Gulfstream 650 for VIP missions

The Dutch defense ministry revealed it has purchased a used Gulfstream 650 (G650) VIP transport aircraft which it will put into service...
Dutch F-35

Netherlands confirms buy of 6 more F-35 fighters, 4 Reapers

The Netherlands defense ministry has revealed plans to accelerate its purchase of an additional six F-35 fighter aircraft as well as four...
Embraer beats Lockheed Martin in Dutch airlifter program

Dutch pick Embraer C-390M over Lockheed’s C-1300J as new transport aircraft

In a surprise move, the Dutch defense ministry picked Embraer's C-390 over Lockheed's C-130J airlifter, which had widely been believed to be the favorite.
Dutch F-35A in Bulgaria

Dutch F-35s land in Bulgaria for NATO air policing mission

The Royal Netherlands Air Force has deployed four F-35A fifth-generation fighters to Bulgaria where they will support NATO's air policing mission.
First Dutch MQ-9

GA-ASI hands over first MQ-9 Reaper to the Netherlands

The Royal Netherlands Air Force has taken delivery of its first MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial system (UAS), following a series of acceptance...

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