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Russia launches third Yasen-M nuclear-powered SSGN submarine Krasnoyarsk

The nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine Krasnoyarsk was rolled out of the hall after beginning construction in 2014.

Russia places construction contract for two Borei-A submarines

Russian shipbuilder Sevmash expects to start work on an additional two Borei-A (Project 955A) nuclear-powered submarines this year after receiving a contract...

Russian nuclear battlecruiser Admiral Nakhimov returns to water

One of only two Russian Navy Kirov-class battlecruisers still in service, the Admiral Nakhimov, has been relaunched following six years of repair...

Russia ready to order ninth and tenth Borei-A ballistic missile submarines

As reported, the ninth and tenth boats in the class are to be laid down in 2021.

Russia launches third Yasen-M submarine Novosibirsk

Russian shipbuilder Sevmash floated out Novosibirsk, the Russian Navy's third nuclear-powered Yasen-M class submarine, in a ceremony in Severodvinsk on December 25.

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