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Taiwan and Lithuania getting Javelin missiles under $175.9M Pentagon contract

Taiwan expects to receive 400 Javelin anti-tank missiles, along with 42 launchers, by 2022.

Taiwan launches new 10,000-ton amphibious transport dock Yu Shan

Taiwan plans to build up to four new ships in the class to complement, and replace, the Newport- and Anchorage-class amphibious ships currently in service.
Taiwan Air Force F-5E

Taiwan loses two F-5E fighters in apparent mid-air collision

One pilot was killed and another is missing following what appears to be a mid-air collision of two Taiwanese Air Force F-5E...

Taiwan begins construction of first indigenous submarine

Taiwan has officially started its indigenous submarine construction program with the opening of a submarine construction facility in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan.

Lockheed gets further $53M for work on Taiwan’s F-16 upgrade program

The US Air Force has awarded Lockheed Martin a $53.2 million contract modification for work on the refit and upgrade of Taiwan's...

Taiwan gets green light to buy MQ-9B remotely piloted aircraft

The US State Department has approved a possible sale of four MQ-9B remotely piloted aircraft to Taiwan

US clears more arms sales to Taiwan as China slaps sanctions...

The US State Department has approved further arms sales to Taiwan as China is sanctioning US defense contractors involved in weapons exports...

US approves possible sale of HIMARS systems, SLAM-ER missiles to Taiwan

The US State Department announced on October 21 it approved an estimated $1.8 billion of possible arms sales to Taiwan.

Lockheed gets $64 billion for F-16 fighter sales to Taiwan, Morocco

The US defense department has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract worth up to $62 billion for foreign military sales of F-16 fighters.

US approves Taiwan’s Patriot missile system overhaul

The US State Department has approved an estimated $620 million worth of repair and update works on Taiwan's Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3)...
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