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Super Hornet

Boeing pitches more local engagement in bid for German fighter contract

US aerospace and defense giant Boeing announced on January 12 it is expanding its industrial partnership strategy in Germany in a bid...
F-35 could be part of German Air Force Panavia Tornado replacement

Germany eyeing F-35-Eurofighter combo for Tornado replacement program

Reports say Germany is backtracking from decision to buy Super Hornets, eyeing instead F-35As Joint Strike Fighters.
AARGM launch

Northrop gets $150M for AARGM missile deliveries to Germany, US Navy

The US Navy has awarded Northrop Grumman a $153 million contract for full rate production (FRP) of lots 10 and 11 of...
German Air Force Tornado

German Tornado fighters getting radar warning upgrades

The radar warning upgrade is one of the necessary updates that will keep the German Air Force Tornado fleet in the air until 2030.
German Air Force Tornado

German Air Force finds bombs lost by Tornado fighter over Nordhorn...

The Tornado fighter lost two bombs during a routine training flight at the Nordhorn Range in Lower Saxony.
German Air Force Tornado

First German Air Force Tornado completes life extension program

The German Air Force intends to fly all of its remaining 85 Tornado fighters until 2030.
PA-200 Tornado aircraft

Hensoldt delivering IFF upgrades for German Tornado fighters

Hensoldt is delivering LTR 400 transponders for the Tornadoes as part of the modernization of NATO IFF identification systems to the new Mode 5 standard.
German Air Force Tornado

Germany confirms purchase of Super Hornets, Growlers: reports

German defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer confirmed the purchase of a total of 45 Boeing-built F-18 jets in an email to US defense...

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