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US Air Force upgrading missile retriever boats

The service operates three missile retriever boats that are tasked with recovering surrogate missiles.
F-16 Fighting Falcons

USAF Raptors, F-16s, join Navy F/A-18s for weapon evaluation event

The evaluation saw navy aircrews fire eight AIM-120 and 12 AIM-9 missiles.
F-22 Raptor and F-35 in formation

Tyndal to house three new F-35 squadrons following extensive storm damage

The first of the 72 F-35 aircraft that will be located at Tyndall AFB is scheduled to arrive in September 2023.
F-1 Mirage

ATAC starts adversary air training at US Air Force base Tyndall

US Air Force Base Tyndall has welcomed a unit of F-1 Mirage aircraft in support of an Air Combat Command mass training...

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