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Rheinmetall’s new Luna recon drone set for operations in Ukraine

The German defense group Rheinmetall has revealed an order for the provision of its next-generation Luna NG air-supported short-range reconnaissance system to...

France selects MBDA for Larinae loitering munition project

The French defense innovation agency has opted for a consortium led by MBDA to undertake the Larinae loitering munition project.
GD-2000 cargo drone

Silent Arrow resupply drone aces autonomous delivery mission in Middle East

Silent Arrow currently has 12 GD-2000 UAVs on station in the Middle East in support of an evaluation contract.

US Navy simulates carrier operations with MQ-25 unmanned refueler in new...

The US Navy and Boeing have started the latest round of trials with the MQ-25 Stingray test asset at Chambers Field onboard...
Aerial recovery of a Gremlins air-launched drone

DARPA finally demonstrates mid-air recovery of air-launched UAV in fourth Gremlins...

A C-130 managed to recover an X-61 UAV mid-air in DARPA's fourth Gremlins test flight .
India US air-launched UAV project

India, US sign agreement for joint UAV development

The UAV development project is valued at more than $22 million and marks the largest-ever defense R&D collaboration between the US and India.

Australia releases RFI for Wasp small-UAS successor

Project Land 129 Phase 4B will find a successor for the 79 Wasp AE s-UAS the Australian Army acquired between 2015 and 2021.
Akinci UAV

Turkey receives first Akinci drones, its most advanced to date

The Akıncı UCAV has a payload of over 4,000 kilos and was delivered after completing its first flight in late 2019.
F-15C Eagle missile firing

US F-15 fighter shoots down UAV over Syria, report

A US Air Force F-15E fighter has reportedly shot down a yet unidentified unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) in the vicinity of the...

Pentagon, Israel stage indoor navigation challenge for unmanned systems

Organizers expect to see innovative use of AI, drones and ground vehicles that can negotiate complex obstacles, such as tunnels or collapsed structures.

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