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Russia’s Zala Aero develops new hybrid VTOL UAV

Russian unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer Zala Aero announced the development of a new multipurpose hybrid vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAV, named...
Skyborg AI UCAV

US Air Force advances Skyborg AI drone program with prototype solicitation

Skyborg would leverage artificial intelligence to operate as part of a larger group of drones and in unison with manned platforms.

Greece leases Heron UAV from Israel

The defense ministries of Israel and Greece have reached an agreement on the lease of a Heron multi altitude long endurance (MALE)...

US Army orders further Black Hornet nano-drones from FLIR Systems

Weighing less than 33 grams, the nano-UAV is capable of transmitting imagery through encrypted data link with ranges up to 2 km.
Loyal Wingman UAV

Boeing unveils Australia’s Loyal Wingman prototype

A Boeing-led Australian industry team has presented the first unmanned Loyal Wingman aircraft prototype for the Royal Australian Air Force, thee first...

German Navy starts V-200 UAV operator training ahead of shipboard tests

The V-200 will be deployed on German Navy K130 corvettes.

Northrop, Orbital team up on hybrid propulsion for VTOL UAVs

Australian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer Orbital Corporation announced it has signed a contract with Northrop Grumman for the development of a...
Republic of Korea Air Force Global Hawk

South Korea receives second RQ-4 Global Hawk from the US

The country received its first Global Hawk UAV in December 2019.

UMS Skeldar introduces smaller V-150 UAV

The V-150 is a smaller version of the company's flagship V-200

Israel’s IAI unveils new Heron MK II MALE UAV

Israeli unmanned systems specialist Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has shared first features of the Heron MK II multi altitude long endurance (MALE)...

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