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SDA missile tracking satellites

US Space Force awards contracts for missile track custody prototype

The US Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) has awarded two contracts for the missile track custody prototype effort.

US Space Force launching first satellites on VOX Space’s LauncherOne in...

The launch in June will be the first time the Pentagon is using VOX Space’s “LauncherOne” air-launch system, which deploys from a modified 747 aircraft.
US Space Force SBIRS Geo-5 missile warning satellite launch

US Space Force successfully launches fifth SBIRS missile warning satellite

An Atlas V rocket launched the Space Based Infrared System Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (SBIRS GEO) missile warning satellite into orbit on May 18.
Falcon 9 launch vehicle carrying GPS III SV 03

ULA, SpaceX get $385M for four US Space Force mission launches

SpaceX will support two missions with its Falcon 9 launch vehicle, while ULA will support another with its Vulcan Centaur launch vehicle.
Terrier-Terrier-Oriole sounding rocket

US Space Force launches first SRP-4 experimental payload

The US Space Force and the Space and Missile Systems Center's Launch Enterprise have launched an experimental research payload for the Air...
US Marine Corps radio operator

BAE Systems gets $247M US Space Force contract for military GPS...

The US Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center has awarded BAE Systems a $247 million contract to design and manufacture an...
Space Force flag in the Oval Office

US Space Force unveils its official ranks

The US Space on Friday released its new rank structure that will become effective February 1. While many advocated...

US Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite constellation now operational

The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite constellation that will be operated by the US Space Force has been declared operational after...
US chief of space operations Gen. John W. Raymond

US Space Force becomes 18th member of US intelligence community

The US Space Force became the 18th member of the US intelligence community (IC) as director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe welcomed...
US Space Force Guardians

US Space Force members now have an official name: Guardians

Members of the US Space Force have received their official name a year after the establishment of the sixth military service branch.

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