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Falcon9 with US Space Force GPS III satellite

SpaceX launches US Space Force’s third GPS III satellite

Following separation from its rocket, the satellite is using onboard power to climb to its operational orbit, approximately 12,550 miles above the Earth.
SBIRS missile warning satellite

US Space Force SBIRS missile warning satellite completes thermal vacuum testing

The satellite spent some two months in a facility that simulates the harsh conditions in space.
Combined Space Operations Center

US Space Command authorizes its first multinational space operation

The recently-established US Space Command achieved another milestone as the SPace Force chief signed the first USSPACECOM operations order under operation Olympic...
X-37B spaceplane

US Space Force launches X-37B spaceplane on new mission with added...

The X-37B’s sixth mission is the first to use a service module with additional payload capability
US Space Force Chief of Space Operations Gen. John W. Raymond

US Space Command: Russia tested anti-satellite missile

Russia’s missile system is capable of destroying satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO)

US Space Force awards contract for satellite launch services

The STP-S28 mission will provide orbital launch services for the Pentagon' Space Test Program.

US Space Force officially established

The US Space Force is now the sixth branch of the military.

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