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US sinks former frigate USS Vandegrift in Valiant Shield SINKEX

The US armed forces have sunk another retired Oliver Hazard Perry frigate as part of the ninth iteration of exercise Valiant Shield,...

US Marines test HIMARS rapid infiltration on Palau island for first...

The HI-RAIN maneuver preceded a Patriot test set to take place on Palau this week.
B-1B on Guam

US deploys four B-1 bombers to Guam

The US Air Force sent four B-1B Lancers to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, on June 3, 2022, for a Pacific Air...

US Navy, Air Force sink decommissioned frigate Curts during Valiant Shield

The US armed forces sank the decommissioned frigate USS Curts (FFG 38) during a live-fire missile exercise conducted as part of exercise...

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