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Finland, Latvia join forces on AFV development

Photo: Patria

Finland and Latvia have signed a technical arrangement that will launch a program for the joint development of an armored fighting vehicle (AFV).

Signed on January 29, the cooperation program will aim to develop a common AFV system. Should the program lead to actual procurement in the future, the resulting common system would enhance mobility, cost-efficiency, and interoperability, the two sides noted at the signing ceremony.

Based on national and multinational tests and evaluations, the vehicle chassis platform chosen for the development is the Finnish-made Patria 6×6 AFV chassis platform that meets the set capability requirements.

What is more, the countries said they would be open to other countries joining te development program. Estonia is among the countries that have previously expressed interest in the program.

The Patria 6×6 is a 7,5-meter vehicle with STANAG level 4 protection and amphibious capabilities. It has a top speed of over 100 km/h and a maximum payload of 8,500 kilos.