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Sweden joining Patria-led multinational armored vehicle project

Sweden has officially announced its desire to join the Finnish-led common armored vehicle system (CAWS) program, which has already attracted three neighboring...

Latvia orders 200 6×6 APCs from Finland’s Patria

The Latvian defense ministry has ordered 200 6x6 armored personnel carriers (APC) that will be delivered as part of a framework agreement...

Finland, Latvia join forces on AFV development

The development program will be based on the Patria 6x6 AFV chassis.

Israel’s Eitan AFVs getting Iron Fist APS

Iron Fist uses optical sensors, tracking radar, launchers and countermeasure munitions to defeat threats.

Germany extending service life of Wiesel 1 AFVs

Germany is investing 73 million into a service life extension program of its fleet of Wiesel 1 light armored fighting vehicles.

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