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Royal Air Force launches largest exercise in a decade

Exercise Crimson Warrior
Photo: Royal Air Force

The UK Royal Air Force has kicked off exercise Crimson Warrior, its largest military exercise in over a decade that will gather up to 70 aircraft for maneuvers.

The exercise, which kicked off on Monday, will see RAF, Royal Navy, United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force fast jets, multi-engine aircraft and helicopters operating from a number of Royal Air Force stations across the country.

The exercise is a development of the regular Cobra Warrior exercises, widely regarded as the most challenging training for aircrew and the final step for those seeking to qualify as Qualified Weapons Instructors (QWI), Qualified Multi-engine Tactics Instructors, QWI Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and Qualified Space Instructors Course.

The expanded Crimson Warrior includes land based training scenarios for the Lightning stealth fighters and helicopters that will form the Carrier Strike Group Air Wing for next year’s operational deployment of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Taking place over the North Sea and North East of England, the exercise will develop and test the tactical leadership skills of aircrew and supporting personnel within complex training scenarios. The aim is to develop their abilities to devise, plan and practice tactics and procedures in a realistic environment against a capable simulated adversary.

Crimson Warrior will run until November 5.