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Poland signs papers for additional six Patriot batteries from the US

Patriot missile defense system
Illustration: US Army file photo of Patriot missile defense systems in Romania

The Polish defense ministry has kicked off the second phase of its Wisła air defense program with the signing of a letter of request for additional Patriot missile defense system batteries.

The country’s defense minister Mariusz Błaszczak confirmed this on Tuesday, saying Poland has requested an additional six Patriot batteries.

These would be in addition to the $4.7 billion order for the first two Patriot Configuration 3+ batteries that are scheduled for delivery this year.

How much the additional six batteries will cost has not been disclosed.

“I have signed a letter of request for the acquisition of six Patriot batteries with omnidirectional radars, missile launchers, and missiles,” Błaszczak said.

The announcement comes after Poland revealed it would be fast-tracking the purchase of Narew ground-based air defense (GBAD) systems. Under the contract with MBDA from March this year, Poland will receive the first fire module of the Common Anti-air Modular Missile-based system in September this year.

The country noted back then that its decisions on investments in air-defense systems drew on “lessons learned” from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.