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Denmark welcomes historic arrival: first four F-35 fighter jets land on Danish territory

Photo: Danish Armed Forces

Denmark ushers in a new era in national defense as the Royal Danish Air Force’s Fighter Wing Skrydstrup welcomes the arrival of its first four domestically stationed F-35A fighter aircraft.

On Thursday, September 14th, at 14:09, the first Danish fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet landed in Denmark after a two-day journey from their US base, including a stopover in the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean.

The aircraft’s touchdown at Skrydstrup Airport drew the presence of government officials, military personnel, and members of the press. Nevertheless, the occasion was brief, devoid of speeches, in anticipation of the official F-35 celebration in Denmark, scheduled for October 1st, coinciding with the formal handover of the aircraft from Lockheed Martin to Denmark.

This event signifies a historic milestone in Denmark’s defense strategy as it initiates the transition from F-16 to F-35A/B MLU aircraft. Denmark has already acquired 27 F-35 fighter jets for $2.2 billion, with plans for complete integration into its defense infrastructure by 2027.

“The F-35 is more than just a fighter jet. The F-35 is a sensor platform that can lift the Danish combat power into a completely new league – both in the air, but also on the ground with the Army and at sea with the Navy, so that everyone can benefit from the aircraft’s information and get an unprecedented overview over the battlefield,” stated official announcement by Danish MoD.

Nineteen Danish F-16 fighters that the F-35 is replacing have already been earmarked for the Ukrainian Air Force, and an additional 38 aircraft are currently under consideration for transfer to Argentina by the US Government.