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Australian F-35A

Australia’s F-35A fleet grows to 44 with latest ferry flight

The Royal Australian Air Force has now received 44 of the planned 72 F-35A Lightning II aircraft after three more airframes landed...
F-35A releasing a mock B61-12 nuclear bomb

Watch US Air Force F-35As drop B61-12 nuclear bombs in recent...

After the US Air Force recently announced its F-35A fifth-generation fighter had completed its first full weapon system demonstration with the B61-12...
RAAF F-35A with full weapons loadout

Australian F-35As fly with full weapons loadout for first time

The Australian Air Force F-35A duo performed the flight with a full complement of weapons during exercise Arnhem Thunder 21.
New Australian F-35As at RAAF Base Williamtown.

Australia receives three more F-35s

The new aircraft are the first to join the fleet since the F-35A reached initial operational capability with the RAAF in December 2020.
RAAF F-35A Lightning II

Australian F-35A achieves initial operational capability

F-35A achieved initial operational capability on December 28, exactly two years after the first unit arrived.
Italian F-35 in beast mode configuration

Italian F-35As, F-35Bs fly in “beast mode” for first time ever

F-35A and F-35B - the two variants of the Italian Air Force's fifth generation fighter jets - took to the skies in...
F-35A releasing the B61-12 nuclear guided bomb from its internal bomb bay

US F-35A carries out supersonic drop-test of new B61-12 guided nuclear...

A US Air Force F-35A aircraft recently tested the deployment of a mock B61-12 guided nuclear bomb, marking its first release from...
Arctic survival seat kit for the F-35A

US Air Force F-35As start receiving first arctic survival kits

The kit consists of survival tools and equipment to help pilots in case of an emergency ejection.
Royal Australian Air Force F-35A

Australia receives milestone 30th F-35A fighter

The Royal Australian Air Force has recently taken delivery of the 30th F-35A Lightning II aircraft from Lockheed Martin, the country's defense...
Danish F-35A

Denmark unveils first photo of F-35A with national insignia

The first Danish F-35 fighter aircraft is scheduled to be completed by October 2020, and handed over to Denmark by January 2021.
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